Our Services

Woodland Heights healthcare services


We believe having a Registered Nurse direct our Health Care Services truly enhances our residents’ quality of life. We believe it is important to catch small health problems before they become bigger ones. That’s why we carefully monitor each resident for changing needs and adjust care plans as needed. This happy and active building has enjoyed a fine reputation and because of that, we receive a great many referrals from families and medical professionals.

Assisted Living

We take our residents’ lifestyle desires personally and honor their needs for affordable services. That’s why we offer six levels of care with a range of options in each rather than charging money for each point of service used if a resident needs a little more care. This prevents an unnecessary move to a higher level of care until it is truly needed. Even better, you know what your costs are until the next Care Plan Review.

Woodland Heights Enhanced Living


Enhanced Living offers additional services to help residents needing more individual attention. Our Life Enrichment Director and staff specialists provide one-on-one relationship building and encourage participation within this smaller social group.

Hospice Services are available on-site for Woodland Heights residents with a physician’s order.